Open Brain is...

the realization of the idea that we all have something worth sharing. Since standard social scenarios don’t provide a consistent space for communal expression, Open Brain creates this space. Open Brain is the flagship event for every city Stageless Arts is in. The goal is to have the creatives in the community always be spawning new events!

Originally conceived as an open mic that would reach beyond the standards of music, poetry, dance, and stand up comedy, Open Brain features all forms of art. This includes arts typically reserved for galleries, including illustration, painting, photography, and film—as well as less conventional forms like storytelling, hardware hacks, software development, cooking, massage therapy, rocket designs, and conversations around everything from artificial intelligence and genetics to the role of art in society.

These salon-style gatherings are neither new nor complicated, but society's present state seems to have forgotten the importance of communal sharing.

It’s up to us to bring it back. Join us every other week to open your brain and share whatever you’ve got.

Open Brain at TEDx Colombo

A meandering talk, or poem, or performance, or...maybe just art...that explores the philosophical foundation of Stageless Arts and its core event, Open Brain: everything is art, and everyone is an artist.

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Open Brains are spreading! Please reach out if you don't see your city listed and would like to start one. They are how Stageless Arts will continue to grow! 

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