Charlotte Wilson — Dido

This poem explores the last snapshot of Dido's life. The classical hero Aeneas has just abandoned her, his long term lover, in order  to build the foundations of what would one day be the famous city of Rome. Dido mourns her loss and builds her own funeral pyre, committing suicide rather than living without him.

Dust parched cobwebs
Drape, intertwine
Grey-black spirit visions
And break
Like nebulous splinters,
They lie in hiding,
Shivering in the corner.

Dread eyes
Far reaching watered depths.

Lips in constant hum
A low murmur of vomited half words
Disaster freshly ejaculated
Potent longings exhaled.

The glint of newly broken morning
Echoes of light reflect
The ship’s violently blowing sails
And the sharp glint of a silver sword
Held on high.

Body lies broken
Mind a cacophony of white noise.

Unuttered promises
Limbs writhe at the remembrance.

Fire, water and air
Infiltrated the helix of inflamed DNA.

Flesh submits
Blood burns brazen
Gushing from the tunnelled edifice.

Firm thrust of the blade
Pain solidified.
Scarlet liquid forms a glove – layer
On the hands that once grasped desire.


Educator and Creative, Charlotte has travelled extensively. Born and brought up in London, of Jamaica origin, she teaches Drama and English and has lived in the Maldives and Sri Lanka.